What in The World is Art?


A statement in John Berger’s, “Ways of Seeing” Episode One that confirms my understanding of what makes something ‘art’ is his statement of paintings being silent, and because of this, their meanings are transferable. This confirms my understanding of something being considered  ‘art’ because art can be absolutely anything, and the same piece of art can be interpreted 100’s of ways. Examples of this are viewing the same exact painting in a museum in comparison to seeing it in an ad for something that could be completely unrelated. Having the piece of art in a museum, the viewer is able to choose how they wish to think about the painting. When the painting is re-purposed into an ad, the painting could have nothing to do with the ad rather than to bring attention to it. It could be an ad about a house and they could use the painting American Gothic to help bring a familiar face to the ad.

The question that arises to my mind while writing this is, what is your interpretation of art? The truth is, I believe that anything is art. The clothes on your back are art, your body is art, and even that clock hanging on the wall of your living room can be art. Personally, my most loved artform that I take place in is playing jazz. But my peers arts vary from writing, to cheer, to hockey and to the art of flag making. Anything can be art from the eyes of the beholder.

But at the same time, there is a possibility that not two people can agree on what the definition of art is, and as I brainstorm words to fit into this piece of writing, I have come to conclusion that there is no defined definition of art because art is everything around you and me, and him and her. That stapler is art, that pen is art, your brain is art, this paper is art. Most importantly, you are art.

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