grad school​ as a fresh-piece-of-meat

since college started a small couple of months ago, I have been told to constantly remember grad school. that we can not go anywhere in life without going to grad school and to never turn a blind eye to your GPA. we are constantly told that if we have below a 3.5 GPA that grad schools will most likely throw out an application in the trash. telling us that we belong there: in the trash. this comment going towards a young adult and shortly after starting college and especially one who is struggling with adjusting, this makes my mind spiral. and I don’t like how it makes me feel.

now the last time I was called trash did not go so well and made me force myself to quit music and never turn back so I feel that I should be applauded for not quitting in terms of work ethic.

I keep being told that I personally do not have to worry about this threat exactly. to just keep up what I’m doing and ill be fine.

I’ve always been fine according to this stranger who has only known me since August and reminded me of the panic attack I had when I first met with her back in June of the past year. first impressions are amazing, right?

I toured michigan state university grad program yesterday knowing that i did not want to go there since for one, they do not offer my desired portion of the SLHS major and second, its msu; a freaking dungeon. I decided to go on this tour with a fellow member of my cohort and the older girls because I wanted to experience a grad school with others. I knew they would know what questions to ask and they would know what to look for. they just know more than me, as expected.

I was enjoying the tour (aside from them not having my concentration) until the adviser told us that if we did not know how to deal with our stress, we needed to get on that. he also told us that if we were not currently medicated/ receiving therapy, we must look into it as sound as possible.

this floored me.

I understand that grad school is obviously HELL.

but I just don’t want to hear it.

when I already feel like I’m in hell and that things are just piling up on me more and more every day.

I did not like that.

so another mark against msu.



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