Summer Homework 

We’re all scurrying to complete our summer homework before we get home. I’m staring at a textbook trying to complete my last two problems of APES homework and I’m so close to being done. 

I’m ready for summer to be over. I’ve had a great time. I got to tracked the world and spend time with my best friends. Now it’s just time for for one of the most stressful weeks of my life. First day of school, Adele concert, gig at cliff bells, and picture day. It’s going to be intense. 


Today is Labor Day and I’m coming home from up north. I’m currently in a car with all of my best friends. We’re all completing our summer homework, deciding what to wear for tomorrow, and talking about college. 

None of us really knows what we want to do when we graduate but we all have ideas. 

We swam, kayaked and fished everyday for four days and we all had a great time. 


Yesterday I made a big change.

I dyed my hair and cut off multiple inches.

I sat at the salon for four hours getting this done. Being a person who has never dyed their hair, I’ll be honest and say that I was freaking out the whole time. It turned out really well and I’m very happy about my choice to do this. 

Cedar Point 

Today I went to cedar point with a couple friends and it was awesome. We rode every big rollar coaster besides the Dragster due to the line. We got to ride the Valravn which is the new coaster that has two 90 degree drops down and it was awesome. This was a great way to end the summer!

Spontaneous Decisions

Today I decided I want to dye and cut my hair. 

I’ve been thinking about it since before I went to Europe, but decided not to. I want to ombré my brown hair to a nice blonde. 

Ombré is a style when the color of the hair is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends.

Tomorrow I call to get an appointment the salon I go to. Hopefully I can get in before school starts!

Binge Watching 

I have a problem with Netflix; once I start watching I cannot stop until I fall asleep. 

Last night I watched 12 26 minute episodes of Nurse Jackie last night, which is five hours! I eventually fell alseep mid episode around two am, and woke up at 11 am. 

The Pain of an Instrument nearly the Size of Yourself.

When I came home from Europe my whole body ached. I was mentally and physically taxed. The intensive week that all the international groups have before hey fly to Paris is what put me off to a rocky start. I was rehearsing for 10 hours straight a day with only an hour of rest during the day besides meals. There were days during that week that I was literally a zombie and felt brain dead. I truly don’t understand how that week was able  o prepare us with how dead we all felt, but somehow it happened.

Being a bari sax player means I must have a good relation with my harness, and with my luck, my harness broke the morning if my Bon Voyage concert. 

Awesome? I know right!

Luckily my parents had not left home yet so I called them frantically during my rehearsal probably crying (I really do not remember.) I was terrified. Here I am, less than 24 hours before I get on a bus, drive to Chicago, jump on a plane for the first time ever, and fly across the Atlantic to Paris. 

I felt like my cards were being dealt out of my order. 

Three hours later my parents came with the harness. I sadly was happier to see that they got me one rather than seeing them before their little girl left the country. 

Well, with my luck my dad bought me a crappy harness that was three sizes too big. THREE. 

I dealt with it all throughout tour, feeling as if my spine was being compressed. 

Today my new JazzLab SaxHolder came into the mail from New Zeland and I couldn’t be happier. NO MORE BACK PAIN! 

The perfect schedule 

The day has finally come, I have received a schedule with all the correct classes that I signed up for and with the teachers that I hoped I would have. 

For the last two years I have had schedule issues such as having just one wrong class, to every class being incorrect. 

My locker placement is also great this year and all of my classes besides one is on the first floor! This will be a great year.